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Christian Andersen - Licensed General Contractor
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Christian Andersen

Licensed General Contractor

Let's start at the beginning...

Christian and Marsh AndersenChristian Andersen comes from a construction family. His father Marsh Andersen was a well-respected builder and, early on, set high standards for Christian to follow. He expected nothing less than perfection in construction and Christian did not let him down.

In 1987, Christian started working side by side with him at Marsh H. Andersen and Associates. His areas of focus consisted of the development, reconstruction, and expansion of residential and commercial buildings. These projects included the restoration of buildings damaged by fire or water as well as working on foundation failures.

Experience: Stabilization of buildings due to foundation failures

His expertise in the stabilization and restoration of buildings suffering from foundation issues has been a big part of the success of his company Building Repair & Management, Inc. Indeed, Christian knows how a home or building should be built to prevent any issues in the future. In fact, many in the construction industry like the engineering firm of Kenneth Campbell & Associates, Inc. often recommend his services.

From retrofitting drilled cast-in-place piers to utilizing low-overhead drilling technologies, Christian has the advanced expertise in foundation work that most general contractors lack.

Management: Working with teams of sub-contractors, engineers, and architects

As an acting principal at Marsh H. Andersen and Associates, Christian supervised large teams of staff members and sub-contractors from various trades. He was also responsible in communicating with engineers, architects, and, most importantly, clients. He understood early on that, for a project to be successful, everyone involved has to be heard, appreciated, and respected. By creating a harmonious working relationship, he ensures that the work environment is optimized for top results.

Expertise: Site and soil stabilization technology

Christian also worked for Geo Dynamics as a heavy equipment operator specializing in site and soil stabilization. This is another level of experience that sets him apart from other builders. Preparing the ground for new construction is of the utmost importance and one aspect of construction builders tend to overlook. Christian, thanks to his years of experience in this field, is able to ensure that everything from the ground up is properly built.

He was hired by Highland Framing to troubleshoot and repair problems that rose from framing crews working on homes. He was promoted to a foremen position for a subdivision project in Concord, California and supervised the construction of over 140 homes in Reno, Nevada.

2006: The start of a new company!

Inspired by his father, Christian started his company Building Repair & Management, Inc. in 2006. Since then, he has been involved in a large variety of projects:

Custom high-end homes - Multi-home development projects - Office renovations - Tenant improvements - Medium rise office building construction - And many types of renovations, restorations, and remodels.

With over 3 decades of construction experience, you can rest assured that he leads the company and his crew with a hands-on knowledge that benefits all involved. Above all, he takes pride in the fact that many of the projects are from repeat clients or their personal referrals.

Just like his father instilled in him the highest standards of integrity and work ethics, Christian Andersen inspires those he works with to the highest standards of quality.